Band Bios

Bill Henshell Guitar, Vocals

Bill is actually a bass player but needed to justify owning his guitars so he formed Bob's Yer Uncle. Bill's recent accomplishments include:

  • Played guitar in Jeff Award (Chicago equivalent of the Tony Award) winner and former touring drummer for the Broadway production of The Who's Tommy, Jef Bek's band. He also played bass with Bek in the New Crime production of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" which was directed by John Cusack  & Steve Pink and starred Jeremy Piven & Bill Cusack.
  • Played bass in Eden Deluxe (Semi-finalists in the Ticketmaster Music Showcase in Dallas, TX - 1994)
  • Played bass on Billy Joel, Foreigner keyboardist Jeff Jacobs' project which will be released on the BMG label.
  • Played bass with former Eden Deluxe band mates in Lush Budgett.
  • Currently playing 12 string acoustic guitar, mandolin and 5 string fretless acoustic bass in the all acoustic duo Urban Squrrel with Tommy Rocks vocalist & guitarist, Lindsey Miller. Urban Squirrel ocassionally morphs into the electric Urban Squirrel Deluxe with Tim Hibbin on drums, Carlo Reyes on Bass and Chris Walker from FMR on guitar and vocals.
  • Currently playing bass in the cover band FMR.

Bill has known BYU drummer Jaxon, keyboardist Phil & bassist Paul for over 20 years and has been in various musical projects with them as well during that time. Strangely, they have not known him that long.

Jaxon Drums
Jaxon is a drummer. He likes to hit things. He started playing drums as a hobby in the late 70's. He has played on and off with Bill Henshell for years in some capacity. After accumulating a vast assortment of drum equipment he decided to take things more seriously and seek out a real band. Since then he has been in many bands including Physimenspirit, Burnt, Big Blonde Wig, Frizzy Lid and currently 2 Fast Jack as well as Bob's Yer Uncle.

Jaxon has recorded in the studio utilizing both digital and analog formats. He also has experience playing at some of Chicago's premier music venues such as Metro, Double Door, Lounge Ax and many more. Jaxon likes to bowl in his spare time and drinks Canadian beer whenever possible.

Adrian Matthews Vocals, Guitar
Monday's Child is fair of face... but there are exceptions to every rule, to which Adrian will attest. He was raised in Liverpool, where music is truly the food of love, and came to the States where he now marches to his own beat. Unlike most, he sings everywhere but the shower.
Phil Barish Keyboards, Vocals
It started out as major fan and willing arranger/consultant. Now he's sunk to fanatical keyboard equipment roadie. Considering the band was originally seeking a female keyboardist with a nice...voice, Phil accepts his role without complaint. Besides, being friends with Bill and Jaxon for over 20 years probably helped him get the gig. Prior to BYU, Phil lived a clandestine life researching the effects of stress on rapidly aging single white males. In college, he composed chamber music and he still thinks that some day he'll find a guitarist who reads.
Paul Young Bass, Vocals
Paul was the only musically inclined person in his family for the last 4 generations. Since getting his first guitar at age 14, he has spent most of his teen and adult years with family, neighbors, and bandmates telling him to turn down the volume. He never listens. He has played bass and lead guitar (loudly) with various local bands, including Rear Window, SOYB, and Wax Buddha.

Paul is currently learning to play the saxophone and hopes to spend his retirement playing for tips on a street corner - seriously. He's also in the acoustic trio Urban Squirrel playing acoustic guitar and 5 string fretless acoustic bass with BYU member Bill.



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